Business week Names East Austin as Up and Coming Neighborhood

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East Austin

East Austin is suffering from a drop in prices.  We had a boom and now we are having a soft bust.  Even so,  East Austin is being named as an up and coming neighborhood by Businessweek Magazine

Why-- because of our proximately to downtown.  Everyone wants to be close to the downtown pulse center of Austin.  If you go west -- it gets more expensive.  Think about it downtown as the cities central core.  Then think of concentric rings that circle the city.  The inner ring being the closest to downtown.  Then next ring a little further out.  The closer you get to that central core, the better the investment. 

There are still Bargains to be had in East Austin.  Its affordable, its close, and its cool.

Date: Tuesday, November, 4th 2008 @ 08:39:53 AM
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Garreth Wilcock

It's funny how media perception and public perception about East Austin are lagging the cycles of underlying activity. I went to an investment seminar in which the speaker declared that West Austin was the only place to consider.

But when you look at price and the cost of commuting, East Austin suddenly becomes very relevant.

(I couldn't get the East Austin link to work btw)

Dena Davis

Thanks for the heads up on the link. West Austin? Interesting.

Long term-- east Austin is still probably the surest appreciation grab in town.

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