Haunted Holidays


There’s a national real estate company that spends a ton of money on ads  to promote “good ole home” and the presence of warmth and memories. (Full Disclosure–I spent a lot of years working for that company).

So anyways, they are really well done, including their newest that shows the “feel good” nature of a perfect set of kids in perfect Halloween costumes. The door is answered by the perfect mom in a perfect witch’s costume and of course, perfect lighting.

That’s all well and good and sure to bring forth a nostalgic tear or two, but let me suggest there’s nothing like the real world. My own kids are grown, but there is nothing so amazing as real kids running up the street in the rain–moms and dads close behind in umbrellas. They walk up to the door out of breath, yell “Tick or treat!” –then it’s candy game on.

We decided this year to have the king size candy and yes, the looks on the monsters, rock stars, witches and princesses was priceless.

Home is best–keep it real.