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Experience & Negotiation

We understand that time is of the essence when selling a home. We act quickly upon any opportunity by expediting the presentation of offers and counteroffers.

We always represent our client’s interests, respond professionally on their behalf, and communicated clearly and precisely during the selling process. 

Through years of experience, we always get the most money for your home! 

Professional Staging

We value our client’s time when selling their property. Through experience, we’ve learned that selling as soon as possible results in the highest buying price.

Our goal is to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Because we understand the importance of first impressions, we believe that professionally staging a home can be the key element to attracting buyers and selling your property successfully.

Our proven process will ensure that your home is presented with its best foot forward so that you can move on the next chapter.


In a seller’s market the demand is larger than the supply. Through experience, we’ve learned that marketing is a key element in increasing the chances for multiple offers. 

Through professionally marketing your listing, we create a sense of demand, and more than triple the exposure to potential buyers which  increase the fear of loss. If a potential buyer fears that the listing will receive an offer they are less likely to hesitate. 

Ultimately, all of this leads to the same goal, to increase the likelihood of a timely sale. 


5.0 Review on Google


This was by far the best experience in what can be a very stressful situation. 

"I would like to thank Dena, Mike and Ryan for their professionalism, efficiency and overall successful experience. There is a reason why Dena gets many listings in my former neighborhood. What I most like about working with Dena was how she communicated with us as the sellers. She and her team were on top of every detail, they seemed to always be available for questions and resolve any issues. This is the 5th real estate transaction and my first using Dena Davis, this was by far the best experience in what can be a very stressful situation. Highly recommend!"
Joe Barclay
Home Seller

She was so patient, knowledgable, and fully prepared. 

"working with Dena Davis was such a pleasure. She was so patience, knowledgeable and fully prepared. It was my first experience in selling and it was my home. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Dena and I would highly recommend that everyone do the same!
Daniel Watters
Home Seller

Friendly, laid back, non-salesey, with real facts (not just opinions) to back up her market analysis.

"Dena is the realtor that sells by far the most houses in my neighborhood so I asked her to stop by and give me her market analysis on my house. I had never met Dena in person before so I had prepared myself for the typical "realtor schtick". Dena was just the opposite. Friendly, laid back, non-salesey, with real facts (not just opinions) to back up her analysis. I didn't end up listing the house, but when I do, Dena will be the first person I will call."
Fareed Tulbah
Home Seller