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     Austin homes are still selling well, but starting to level off a bit. Is it the summer heat? School starting? Buyer resistance to prices that continue to climb?
     In contrast to recent years, our housing inventory has been increasing, rather than the scarcity of recent past. Prices remain at an upward trend, but many buyers can now proceed with a little less angst of “losing out”.
     We find the fairly priced homes still sell at market price and higher, but for that growing number of sellers who insist on pricing above justified price points…well, many of them stay on the market for extended periods and often sell at less than the original recommended figure.
     Lesson learned–listen to your trusted and qualified real estate professional–do not pay heed to “instant value” figures as offered on most of the real estate sites (including Zillow,, etc). And especially be cautious of the denizens of neighbors, relatives and out of area realtors who do not have  intimate knowledge of Austin real estate.
     We say this so often–every home is different and unique. Computer generated algorithms do not enter your home, walk through the property, nor provide credits and deductions for many critical facets . Note:  Many sellers underestimate their market price too!
     If you want accurate info, speak to the local experts.

Dena Davis is happy to provide their knowledge and expertise of the local Austin real estate market, remodeling do’s and don’ts and financing resources — even if you have no plans to move!  No charge–no obligation ever.
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